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Insurance 101: Local Agency vs. Online

In today’s hyper-connected world, it seems like you can access virtually anything online - including insurance policies. In fact, more people are going online to buy insurance than ever before. Even though it may seem easier to communicate and stay connected with an online insurance agency, there are still several advantages to having a friendly, local company to help you manage your insurance needs.

Insurance is often a major consideration when you’re navigating finances and life planning. Along with searching for the best price and the best value, you also want to ensure that you understand everything your policy outlines. While online agencies and local agencies both cater to these wants and needs, there are a few significant differences between the two.

Online Insurance Agencies

Perhaps the biggest benefit to buying insurance online is convenience. Instead of calling or driving to an insurance agency’s office looking for the best policy at the best price, you can simply log on to the Internet, fill out one form, and instantly get several different comparable quotes. You don’t have to wait for businesses to open or representatives to take your call - it’s all at your own pace, on your own time. But that is no longer the case anymore, as most of your local insurance agencies now offer online quoting tools as well.

The disadvantage of going online to buy insurance is that you don’t get to talk to a real person about your wants and needs in a policy. Instead, you’ll be picking a policy without the help or guidance of a trained, licensed professional. It’s not easy to get questions answered or concerns resolved, and making changes to your policy can often be difficult.

Local Insurance Agencies

As with most things, if you’re looking for a policy that’s tailored to your unique situation, you’ll need to take the time to find the best option for you. A local insurance agency can work with you directly to choose and craft a policy that is designed for you.

An independent insurance agent is able to sit down with you and discuss policy options, whereas online providers are typically limited to a particular brand of insurance. Because local agencies have the ability to offer multiple different policies, you’re able to compare and select from a variety of options and quotes. Also, local insurance agencies are invested in the community and thus committed to helping locals like yourself find the best possible insurance solution.

Along with being available for face-to-face interaction and support, local agencies can also:

  • Offer immediate assistance in the event you need to file a claim

  • Work directly with you to determine your insurance needs

  • Review annual coverage costs to ensure you’re receiving the best insurance at the best price

  • Deliver the best insurance value in terms of pricing, services, and coverage

  • Offer a variety of different products and extra coverage to meet all of your needs, like one-stop shopping for home, auto, and health, umbrella policies, etc.

  • Provide courteous and friendly services

  • Communicate with you like a neighbor, not a number

Advantages like these overshadow the common drawbacks of online insurance programs such as:

  • No walk-in office

  • The fact that insurance is specific to state rules and regulations, meaning not all online insurers are obligated to offer you the best state benefits

  • No personal, face-to-face interactions or relationships

  • Website or phone systems that are difficult to navigate

  • No one to personally advocate on your behalf

Choosing Your Insurance Agency

While online insurance agencies may be seemingly easier to use, the advantages of using a local insurance agency greatly outweigh the convenience of the internet. If you’re looking for a friendly, local insurance agency that you can trust and build a relationship with, contact Bouvier Insurance. As your trusted local agency in Cut Off, Louisiana, we proudly service Lafourche Parish, Terrebonne Parish, and all surrounding cities and towns, including Golden Meadow, Galliano, Larose, Raceland, Lockport, Mathews, Bourg, Schriever, Gray, Grand Isle, Houma, and Thibodaux.

We will work with you to find the insurance policy that fits your needs and budget, at the best rate available.

We hope that you're satisfied with your current insurance policy, rates, and agent, because that's something you deserve. Because we are confident in our business and with the products and service we offer our customers, we ask that you give us the opportunity to provide you with a free, no-hassle quote, even if you aren't considering making a move right now, or at all.

To us, you're more than just a customer. You're more than just a policy number. And you're more than just a line on a revenue stream graph.

Bouvier Insurance promises you that we will work very hard to provide you with the excellent quality service, diversity of products, and affordable rates that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

To us, you're a person. You're a one-of-a-kind individual with a unique life story and situation, unlike that of anyone else in the entire world.

To us, you matter.

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